Portable ECG Recorder Solutions

(Single-lead ECG/3-lead/6-lead/12-lead)

◼ECG/heart rate measurement

◼Real-time arrhythmia alarm

◼ECG/EKG recording

◼ECG analysis report

Supported modes

◼Real-time telemetry monitoring mode

◼Holter mode for offline storage

Comfortable to wear

◼ Ultra-light design, weight <9g
◼ Ultra-thin design, host <6mm, accessories <0.2mm
◼ Waterproof design, IPX7, shower, high-intensity exercise support

Long battery life

◼ Offline 32 hours record storage
◼ 24 hours monitoring
◼ Charge for 5 minutes, work for 2 hours

Safe and Reliable

◼Medical biocompatibility verification, safe to use
◼ AES128bit dynamic encryption, safe transmission
◼ Medical grade material, quality and safety

Accurate and Effective

◼ Medical-grade ECG measurement technology and analysis algorithm
◼ Support FDA, CFDA, CE certification
◼ Up to 18 types of arrhythmia analysis

Arrhythmia Algorithm

1: Extreme bradycardia
2: Extreme tachycardia
3: Bradycardia
4: Tachycardia
5. Ventricular Tachycardia
6: Ventricular Bradycardia
7: Pause
8: Ventricular Fibrillation
9: Asystole
10: Ventricular Run(VT>2)
11: Ventricular Rhythm
12: Ventricular Couplets
13: Ventricular (PVC)
14: Ventricular Bigeminy
16: Ventricular Trigeminy
16: Multifocal PVCs
17: Nonsustained Ventricular Tachycardia
18: Irregular Rhythm

The standard that the algorithm conforms to

1. AHA, MIT, NST, CU standard database indicators that meet the requirements of YY0885-2013;
2. AHA, MIT, NST, CU, ESC standard database indicators that meet the requirements of IEC60601-2-47;
3. R wave detection, sensitivity ≥ 99.9%, positive positive ≥ 99.8%;
4. AF, ESe ≥ 72%, E+P ≥ 95%, DSe ≥ 70%, D+P ≥ 75%;
5. Support Single-lead/3-leads/6-leads/12-leads ECG

ECG Product Solutions

Portable ECG Recorder (ECG Patch)

ECG Watch/Bracelet Solution

Remote ECG & Holter solution

Remote ECG/EKG monitor  and analysis solution